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getting on task.

2010-08-06 07:29:09 by monkeyknight

i know i made some promises on NG that havnt been done....triutes collabs artwork ut i have 2 simple resons 1. I AM ON HOILIDAY 2.MY FLASH PROGRAMS DIDNT ARRIVE WHEN I LEFT SO PEOPLE SENDING ME PM SAYIN G WHERE IS THE FLASH ILL TELL YOU WHERE IT IS IT IS ITS IN THE HANDS OF A IDIOT POSTMAN WHO DRUNK. ut i did make this little 2 hour picture on my laptop

getting on task.


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2010-08-15 02:33:46

I don't know what it is, but i dig it.

monkeyknight responds:

i really dont have anything really good to put on NG until i get home i asure you the art trade will be finished after cs3 arrives.also a friend asked me to draw this poster on his wall of some film trailer so it isnt original


2010-08-23 04:59:13

Hey man, you know, you really shouldn't show your art only in your News!
With skillz like this I'm sure you will get scouted! Upload them to the Art Portal!
Also: how about a little teamwork, you and me?