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2010-09-12 12:28:47 by monkeyknight

ive finnish making a flash its about 1:30 short but ok. anyway i need some voices for it so if anyone intrested just comment or pm me! :D


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2010-09-12 12:45:43

Hm, sorry, but I can't voice act.
I'd need a mic , and I don't have the money...

monkeyknight responds:

k anyway it been finished someone pmed me and gave me sound effects the offere went quite fast :|


2010-09-17 09:11:42

Right that day I went to a Dixons (not sure if you got those in London)
and bought myself a Headset. Headset + Audacity = I CAN VOICEACT!!

monkeyknight responds:

:O epic


2010-10-03 08:00:26

My new Headshit (as I call it) has HORRIBLE quality.
Not gonna dare to use it with all these critics swarming around Newgrounds.