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2011-01-27 12:34:44 by monkeyknight

look i know ive been hella unactive but theres a reason once i saw that ANIMATION BYE by erkoiz i was introduced to FA im seriously active there and am getting hella good at stick animation heres some links so you can see my imporvement

aimation : collab with freakboy50


ok guys see you at FA cos i dought ill update this gay acount again.


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2011-01-27 12:37:08

spelling errors erkoiz = terkoiz ainmation =animation

lol im still acting like a noob on NG lol


2011-01-28 07:45:06

Wait... YOU drew/animated that?.............. why does everyone become better then me after a while.......

monkeyknight responds:

i got 2 tablets now my old crappy tablet and my new bamboo fun i got for xmas <3

and yeah dude i think your anims are rushed and lazy thats all. if you put days effort into an animation you probably surpass me.


2011-01-31 01:38:13

................ I guess you're right ...............
Thanks for the advice.


2011-06-04 10:44:11

submit this to newground dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-06-15 21:16:13

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