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Even better

2011-04-13 12:46:55 by monkeyknight

Random anim

AND even better....

getting better and better

2011-02-08 16:43:55 by monkeyknight

Getting better everyday......
jumping animation

2011-01-27 12:34:44 by monkeyknight

look i know ive been hella unactive but theres a reason once i saw that ANIMATION BYE by erkoiz i was introduced to FA im seriously active there and am getting hella good at stick animation heres some links so you can see my imporvement

aimation : collab with freakboy50


ok guys see you at FA cos i dought ill update this gay acount again.

yay :D

2010-10-16 18:39:57 by monkeyknight

i posted a somewhat terrible flash animation i made less than a year ago and got positive reviews (mostly)
i did get a terrible score but i think ill stay with flash considering the mail and reviews.

taking a break

2010-10-14 17:03:39 by monkeyknight

i hanvt updated my newgrounds that often and when i do i get no comments also my grphics tablet is incrediblty puny and my flash has got boring. im focussing more on pivot and drawing stickmen on flash considering its easier. I WILL NOT DRAW ANY OF THE REQUEST SOME PEOPLE HAVE SENT ME and the only project im working on is a depressing 25 fps. i dont know when ill update my acount so bye.

etc etc

2010-09-12 12:28:47 by monkeyknight

ive finnish making a flash its about 1:30 short but ok. anyway i need some voices for it so if anyone intrested just comment or pm me! :D

im back :D

2010-09-06 11:29:07 by monkeyknight

finaaly got flash ive already started some little jobs here and there.

getting on task.

2010-08-06 07:29:09 by monkeyknight

i know i made some promises on NG that havnt been done....triutes collabs artwork ut i have 2 simple resons 1. I AM ON HOILIDAY 2.MY FLASH PROGRAMS DIDNT ARRIVE WHEN I LEFT SO PEOPLE SENDING ME PM SAYIN G WHERE IS THE FLASH ILL TELL YOU WHERE IT IS IT IS ITS IN THE HANDS OF A IDIOT POSTMAN WHO DRUNK. ut i did make this little 2 hour picture on my laptop

getting on task.


2010-07-15 12:34:50 by monkeyknight

Finally ordered adobe cs5! for my bday! sooooooo sexpensive though hope it will be worth the wait!.....and the money....also if anyone wants me to draw something for them just send me a pm i got a little more free time now skl almost over so i can fit in some 15 min drawings also heres some asdf fanart!



2010-07-10 09:42:47 by monkeyknight